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Admin Application Format!!!

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1 Admin Application Format!!! on Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:34 pm





Date of birth:



Position your applying to:

About yourself:

How active are you? Do you have school or a job that could take up a lot of your time?


What experience do you have that could contribute towards being a staff member (Do not mention other server names, regardless of whether or not they are still alive)?
- Include skills/qualities (possibly even other languages) that could contribute towards your role as a staff member.
-If you have been a staff member, do not simply state it but include what your duties involved, what sorts of situations you may have faced, etc.

What is your purpose in applying for the role?
- Why is it that you want to become a staff member?
- What would you do as a staff member?
- Is there anything you wish to be able to accomplish as a staff member?

What can you contribute to Linko Cops And Robbers?

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